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Born in Florence and currently based in London, my research and art practice revolve around sculptural experiments as philosophical enquiries into the geological-cosmological relations of art and nature.

The state of wonder, like looking at the starry sky, inspires me to create gestures and things, mostly physical and sometimes digital. I am interested in how these curious objects are outcomes of a theatrical, sculptural process and become part of the activity of our planet.

Following my postgraduate studies at the Centre of Research of Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), I am researching philosophical approaches through the act of art making.

Selected Projects

  • 2023 Unfinished Asteroid, performed at David Thorp’s solo exhibition, Filet Gallery, curated by Joe Melvin.

  • 2023 Art Yourself, curated at W1 Curates, London UK

  • 2023 Pragmata Sculpture Garden, curated by PRAGMATA Collective, London UK

  • 2023 Plastic Futures, MFA Gallery, curated in Rome 

  • 2023 EZ 24 Ramen, Fort Gallery curated group show, London UK

  • 2022 Under The Starry Sky, Transient Gallery virtual residency, London UK 

  • 2022 TASC Gallery group show, London UK 

  • 2022 Sea in Me, art magazine interview, Georgia

  • 2022 PRAGMATA Gallery, group show/event/performance with Toby Tobias Kidd, Serena Huang, Arieh Frosh, Paola Estrella, and Yukako Tanaka.

  • 2022 Growing Sculptures From The Land: Time Is Mud, residency at Live Art Ireland. Panel: Deej Fabyc & MJ Newell.

  • 2021 Postcard, Frontier Gallery exhibition. Curated by Michael Borkowsky & Sharon Mossbeck.

  • 2021 Wet Dove Tail 2, online exhibition. Curated by Wet Dove Tail Collective.

  • 2021 Open Fragment, online platform. Curated by PRAGMATA Collective.

  • 2020 Person and the Otherness of Nature, online platform. Curated by PRAGMATA Collective.

  • 2020 We Consume, Ugly duck group exhibition. Curated by the Art Playground.

  • 2019 Art Machine w/ PRAGMATA Collective, Graphik Gallery London.

  • 2019 Growing Sculptures, Bastioni Association exhibition. Live introduction with critic Giuliano Serafini. W/ PRAGMATA Collective.

  • 2019 Growing Sculptures, Bastioni Association Residency, Florence Italy. W/ PRAGMATA Collective.

  • 2018 British Council Biennale, Bow Arts group exhibition.

  • 2018 Odretech, Lambeth Fire Station London. Curated by Joseph Kohlmaier and Muzarq collective.

  • 2018 A Connection Is Made, Gallery 46 London. W/ Adam Oczkowicz, Ben Cain, Bethan Hughes, Hamer Faramazi, Peter Fillingham, Deej  Fabyc, Richard Ducker.

  • 2018 British Council Fellowship, Venice Biennale research project at the British Pavilion, Venice.

  • 2018 Places Outside The Main Thing... Galeria Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb. W/ Nicole Hewitt, Ben Cain, Vida Guzmic.

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