Exploring the metaverse together with over 200 artists:

1. PERSON AND THE OTHERNESS OF NATURE: Curated show from an open call to explore the potential for creating new networks and connections; a space to think about what we are in relation to artworks, different environments, and the Earth.

Fifteen artworks that sit together, each housed inside a virtual cube, offering multiple artistic reflections in various media including video, painting, performance, collage and photography, in response to the urgent condition of ourselves to nature.

2. OPEN FRAGMENT: Curated exhibition as an experiment in open ended curatorship: where every person who submitted work would be accepted. Coming from all over the world, the artworks of over 200 artists were exhibited in the pink, virtual forest where the visitors encounter these images on a tree, a bush, a rock.

The exhibition asks questions about inclusivity, empathy, connection, and value in art and exhibitioning. Open Fragment is about experimenting with the chance outcome of the interconnectedness of the internet open call. It is about how we utilise the amorphous space of the metaverse, in that its tentacles reach out through the millions of wifi hubs around the globe with varying speeds and varying accessibility.

© Adele Lazzeri